K and I moved into a new house this summer. Whereas he would have walked into Pottery Barn on a Saturday afternoon and furnished the house in one go around, since that time, I have poured hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours into decorating.  I have scoured the pages of magazines, design books and blogs for ideas and trekked across the city in search of inspiration, and if lucky, something to bring home with me. None of the above has felt like work; on the contrary, its been a welcome creative outlet.
Which has got me thinking as to whether I could, in fact, decorate/design on a more permanent basis. I hope to discuss more of my ideas here. One of the many blogs I have been following on the design front is Cote De Texas. She sounds like she’s having so much fun! And that’s the goal.  My friend Mel started a blog recently of her beautiful pictures – something I would love my dear M to do, to also showcase her incredible talent.

Yesterday I finally ordered my Hunt Club Chairs from Angus and Company. They were pricey, but I have thought about them for months (six), which was a sign to me that I really love them.   A&C allowed me to bring my own fabric and we chose a classic ticking.

Speaking of chairs, Ralph Lauren’s Sawyer Sofa is the perfect sofa.
With a price tag of a minimum of $6,000, I haven’t rushed to order this beautiful piece, however, I have had a shockingly difficult time trying to locate a lower-priced reproduction. Why should that be when there are a gazillion sofas on the market? My theory is that this sofa fuses the classic three-seater sofa with the beautifully clean lines seen in modern, minimalist furniture, which apparently, is not being done much elsewhere. The classic feel arises from the fabric, T-cushions and roll arm. The sofa manages to feel comfortable and informal because its not large nor imposing (a good size at 80 inches); the roll arm doesn’t contain piping, bullets or other such ornamentation; and the fabric evokes English country home but is paired down enough so that it doesn’t feel so austere. In short, the perfect, elegant couch for my living room.

If you see one out there, PLEASE let me know!

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