It is our last night in Klosters and despite how physically exhausted I am from skiing, the kaffe I had with dinner is keeping me up. On the up side, I can squeeze in a short post after being offline for a number of days. We arrived in Zurich on Saturday morning, and from there, hopped on a train to Klosters – a short 1.5 hour train ride away. A group of friends, from Germany and England, have joined us here to ski for a long weekend. Klosters is a small, traditional Swiss village and is adjacent to the larger and more developed Davos. While Klosters is charming, the Alps are certainly its main attraction. Why do mountains impress us so? Perhaps its their majestic stature that towers over us; or that we respect their impassibility (except, maybe, with some faith and handy dynamite); or just because they are beautiful.

I did not take many pictures here as we were skiing during daylight hours; and sadly, the pictures I did take are not uploading. Damn you Canon/MAC combo. Not sure which to blame. Tomorrow we leave for Menaggio, then onto Roma. Will update more regularly. Auf wiedersehen!