photo credit: massimodutti.com

When I am in Europe, I usually make an effort to drop into Massimo Dutti, a Spanish fashion retailer under the Inditex umbrella (which includes Zara, among others).  I think of MD as a high street Ralph Lauren and the J. Crew of Europe – in other words, timeless pieces at affordable prices (also, being of far better quality than Zara.  N.B.: have you noticed that the “same” sizes at Zara are all different?).

Around 2 p.m. today, I walked into MD, saw a beautiful leather jacket in size S that was reasonably priced.  Since it was the first store I walked into, I chose not to buy the jacket at that moment, but intended to return to MD if I was still thinking about it later.  I returned at 6 p.m. only to find that the store had turned 10 of the jackets in the past four hours!  Only one in size XL was left.  What?! It’s not like turning socks or t-shirts. Leather jackets are (relatively) big-ticket items that people presumably buy with some thought?  On the other hand, I see the same merchandise sitting in Danier week after week.  Coincidence or a reflection of the appetite of Milanese shoppers on a Saturday?