Day 5 in Rome. We have spent five days walking all over Rome and I am continually amazed by the history and beauty along every viccolo. We have enjoyed great food, drink, people and places, of which I will post more about later on. But today’s post is about one of my other favourite things – cats. We stumbled upon the Torre Argentina, famous for the large stray cat colony living within its ruins. As we walked down a flight of stairs, we noticed an office to the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary.  As it happens, Torre Argentina is also ground zero for Rome’s cat rescue operations (including a vital capture-spay/neuter-release program).

Amazingly, volunteers from different countries volunteer here (we spoke with a German one during our visit) and tourists can even adopt these cats which are then flown back to their home country!

Lucky Luciano being loving

Lucky Luciano being loving

We love cats and are grateful for the kind-hearted people at Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary. Lucky Luciano, a 10-year old stray who is blind and has chronic influenza, took to K right away. As soon as K petted him, he climbed onto his lap, then onto his shoulder, and cuddled away. We were sad to say arrivederci to this beautiful creature.


Short post, as we have to make our dinner reservations, but will post more very soon. Thanks again for reading.