I know you have all been eager to find out what happened to Linguine. What I didn’t mention in my post was that Linguine was only three days away from being one of the 71% of shelter cats that are euthanized due to overcrowding.  The statistic is upsetting, but also an impetus to encourage responsible pet ownership.

Kathleen, foster mother to our mischievous Harry, sees hundreds of cats a month in her rescue work. Through her experience with cats, Kathleen recognized immediately that far from being anti-social, Linguine was incredibly sweet and gentle – he was just totally terrified at the shelter. Witness the picture of him hiding in the corner of his cage.

My dear friends Melissa and Brandon saw my post, arranged to meet Linguine through Kathleen, fell in love with him immediately and then TOOK HIM TO HIS FOREVER HOME!  K and I visited Linguine at Mel’s place this past weekend, and we concur that Linguine is the sweetest, most gentle cat ever!  He is a gorgeous grey, loves sleeping in Brandon’s drawers and is a champion snuggler and purrer.  He seems so happy and so do Mel and Brandon.

Kathleen, Melissa and Brandon are my heroes.

Photos by Melissa Sung.

5 thoughts on “Happy stories: Linguine (sic)

  1. Yes we are! We’re in love with our furry little creature and still can’t stop staring at him when he sleeps – he’s just so darn adorable. He’s just getting over a flu bug that he’s had for the past week or so but despite being so under the weather, he still knows how to tell you that he loves and appreciates you with his head butting and tummy displays. Linguine wishes to thank his auntie Irene and uncle K for the lovely visit and treats + toys galore!

  2. I still well up with tears at the site of Linguine in his cage, even knowing he is safe now. The fear he felt in that picture is palpable, poor little love. I start ever morning now checking my e-mail for updates on him, it makes my whole day

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