Catherine Middleton in a Sarah Burton gown

Catherine Middleton in Sarah Burton

I was not planning on watching the Royal Wedding, but CBC Radio (which wakes me up every morning at 7 am) was ALL Royal Wedding, and I could not help but wander downstairs and watch the rest of the wedding live.

My favourite part was how deeply Prince William blushed each time he kissed Catherine!  Too sweet.  As I watched that moment, I recalled pictures of younger William on his first day of school at Eton blushing for the cameras.  I was maybe 14 or 15 then and deeply smitten with the handsome Prince!  I wish the couple a happy life ahead filled with love and laughter.

Now for the “important” matter of the dress.  Sarah Burton had been pegged as the suspected designer for a while.  I have to admit, while I absolutely adored nearly every one of Alexander (Lee) McQueen’s collections, I was not crazy about Sarah Burton’s collection for the house for F/W 2011.  I thought the collection did not have much variety, and too much of it seemed to be a copy, rather than an original interpretation of McQueen’s previous work. 

Having said that, the Royal Wedding was not an occasion for House of McQueen style, but rather, for a display of House of McQueen talent and craftmanship. And I think the dress delivered in that respect.  The dress is immediately pleasing to the eye, with clean, modern lines while feeling traditional and romantic.   The veil and tiara were lovely added to the traditional feel of the dress. 

Wallis Simpson's wedding dress

Wallis Simpson's wedding dress

The long sleeves were the main aspect of the dress that appealed to me.  In a decade where strapless gowns have been the norm (despite not necessarily flattering all figures), I have generally favoured wedding gowns with longer sleeves.  The dress that always seems to draw me back is *gasp* the one worn by Wallis Simpson when she married the ex-King Edward.  I adore the understated elegance of her dress, the sleek long silhouette combined with the corsetted waist and made of, what surely was, soft luxurious fabric.  A modern version of that dress would be exquisite, perhaps with a longer skirt and train and longer, not-so-stiff sleeves. 

I kept getting agitated by the length of Catherine’s dress in the front – I thought it was an inch or two too short!

(Click here for an update on my thoughts on the dress.)

What did you think of Catherine’s dress ?

Photo credit: the Globe and Mail.

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