The Who Converse

The Who Converse

It has been an exciting day for some billions of people around the world, including myself, so forgive me for feeling a twinge of envy as I watched this fairytale unfold for my high school crush, Prince William, and fellow crusher-cum-future Queen of the Commonwealth, Catherine Middleton.  Sheesh – I sure missed that boat.

In this context, I really appreciated Mona Chammas’ post about my outfit on Geeky Chic today.  As I wrote in a post earlier this week, Mona photographed me for her column on BlogTO’s Street Style.  Mona referenced a bit of history in her column today, including with respect to the historical significance of the tartan. 

Incidentally, I wore my “the Who” Union Jack Converse to work today as my way of participating in the celebrations going on in Britain.  After reading Mona’s blog, I realized that the Who side my Converse also fit in with this day quite nicely.  Well written blog, Mona!

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