The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

How could I have forgotten to address my second favourite part of the dress?!  Its collar!

Further update: Upon talking to my colleague about the dress, I realized why a part of me was somewhat tepid about the dress. Conclusion: I love the top half of this dress – the tailoring, the cut, the details, the illusion (or not) of breast cups due to the construction of the dress and/or position of the lace (classic McQueen!) and the raised collar.  What I don’t really like is the light pleating going on on the bottom half of this dress and, of course, that it is a couple of inches too short (in my opinion).  I think the dress would have looked stunning if the skirt was smoother (i.e. not pleated). 

Having said all of this, Catherine looks radiant, pulls off the dress spectacularly well and, ultimately, it is just a dress!  The marriage and the happiness of the couple is what matters in the end.  Good luck to the new couple!

Photo credit: the Globe and Mail

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