Life, that is.

Five months ago I started blogging again after a long hiatus, not worrying about where the journey would take me, but just enjoying the process. It was serendipitous that Mona Chammas stopped me on Bloor Street one day to take my picture for her blog, Geeky Chic, and street style column on BlogTO.  What started off as just a good conversation with her has evolved into my joining Geeky Chic as a contributor!

Geeky Chic is expanding and has exciting projects planned for the near future, and I cannot wait to be a part of it!  My first contributions will be from the streets of New York City, where I will be over the Canada Day long weekend.  Keep an eye out for it! Thereafter, the thoughtful eye of Melissa Sung will join me around Toronto to capture all that is beautiful and intriguing.

Above: the photo that started it all.  Photo credit: Mona Chammas.